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We’re the world’s only online and instructor lead learning marketplace, where students are taking courses in everything from Value-Based Selling to Value Discovery to Value Enablement to Value Realization–and much, much more. An expert instructor teaches each of our courses.

We’re teaching how to uncover, quantify, communicate and overcome the hidden and known functional, economical and emotional pain-points as well as enable new competitive advantage through technology investments.

The key differentiator of the Value Academy is the Roadmap to ValueTM – Driving Results through Business Outcomes – by leveraging your technology optimally. The Roadmap to ValueTM describes the actual steps, tools & methods, policies & procedures and collaboration required to attain the expected benefits from a given technology investments.

The Value Academy teaches how to sustainably manage IT investments/projects by delivering measurable business outcomes – demonstrating technology and service provider’s real commitment to their customer’s success!