Forward to the Future: Your Career Beyond 2016

Fast forward 5 years from today…

You’ve just hung up the phone after being offered your Value Practitioner dream job. It’s a compelling new career opportunity that exceeds your most ambitious expectations.

Immediately your mind flashes back over the past 5 years.

That was the time when you first became truly serious about proactively managing your career. It was a time when you began to think long-term about your career. Your thoughts changed from a job orientation to a career plan.

You remember deciding that you needed a career action plan in order to move up.

You realized that your plan would be much more effective if it was tailored to your value practitioner profession.

After all, that’s where your ambition and passion lies. You dreamed of making even more significant and important business impacts. It’s what gets you excited and makes every day professionally satisfying.

About that same time, you discovered the VSR Council and Academy and their Talent Community. A community composed of engaged and inspired Value Sellers, Value Consultants, Value Engineers, Value Enablement and Value Realization experts.

As an organized and collaborative network, we help each other solve our greatest challenges and share best practices within a candid, trusted, and sharing environment.

It was this community that allowed you to become SWK (someone worth knowing). It’s a place where you strengthened and expanded your network into many important networking opportunities, enhanced your personal and professional development and accelerated your career.

You took full advantage of the confidential job opportunities from VSR Talent Services to carefully plan your strategic career moves. Some of these job opportunities you would never have known about without your participation in the VSR Council Organization.

But you didn’t stop there. You attended every VSR Summit and enrolled in the specialized value-based courses that reinforced your experience and filled in the critical skill gaps that rounded out your background. All of this contributed significantly to be known as one of the best-of-the-best in the Value Talent Community.

Now Back to today…

Where will you be five years from Today? We’ll help you have a personal story that’s worth telling.

If you want to make this story yours contact Shimon Abouzaglo, President of the VSR Council, for a confidential discussion today at: 1-214-709-7613 or send an email.