Value Management Maturity Mode is a capability model for technology solution providers to assess and improve the organization’s capabilities in value selling, value marketing, and  value realization to grow sales, improve marketplace perception, and increase customer satisfaction.

Value Management Maturity Model is a set of organizational capabilities and practices that maximize and realize outcomes from investments in people, process and technology by embedding the value fabric across the organization, customers and partners.

The VSR Council has developed a Value Management Maturity Model for Technology and Solution Providers. Using this model along with the value management platform, any solution or service provider can start and manage the journey of transforming the organization from a Product, Feature and Price-centric selling to a Partnership, Customer and Outcome-centric value delivery organization.

By using Value Management Maturity Model and CAMP value management platform, technology solution providers can:

  • Identify and prioritize gaps that are constraining customer loyalty and business growth.
  • Develop clear roadmaps for improvement, execution and tracking value mindset.
  • Incorporate continuous improvement into the organization.
  • Identify and address skill gaps through training and accountability.
  • Embed a value selling, enablement and realization in performance management.
  • Benchmark their own capabilities in the context of industry prevailing practices and maturity

Value Management Maturity Building Blocks

The Value Management Maturity Model is comprised of 4 categories: Value Governance, Value Marketing and Positioning, Value Selling, and Customer Value Engagement.