The VSR Council Blog

The VSR Council Blog

What is Value-based Selling – Really?

(from a LinkedIn Pulse by Jack Keen) What’s in a name? Take “Value-based Selling (VBS)”. It’s a great concept, that’s morphing into meaningless. Let’s get VBS terminology back on solid ground.  In a nutshell (to paraphrase composer Duke Ellington) “VBS Don’t...

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Value Selling War Stories

(from a LinkedIn Pulse by Jim Berryhill) Customer Aligned Value Selling (CAVS?) is what I’ve been about for a long time. As a Founding Member of the Value Selling and Realization Council, I’m often asked for anecdotal stories that line up on the situations...

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The Value Selling & Realization (VSR) Council is an organization made up of forward-thinking Sales and Corporate executives that operates with a central mission: Maximize value from investments in IT-enabled change by establishing and promoting value management awareness and understanding, standards, practices, and tools that enable technology vendors and enterprise corporate executives to collaborate in developing and executing a “roadmap to value”.

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