Mike Genstil

Mike Genstil

Founder and CEO, VisualizeROI

As founder and CEO of VisualizeROI, Mike has enabled thousands of sales and marketing professionals globally to generate pipeline and close business more effectively. His company’s software and services have simplified a critical business challenge: the communication of value. Mike has advised executives at SAP, VMware, Cisco, Anaplan, Marketo, Act-on, Lexis Nexis, Homeaway, and dozens of other organizations how to simply and effectively create, publish, and share ROI, TCO, and value stories. VisualizeROI is referred to as the leading collaborative value selling tool in The Collaborative Sale, written by Sales Performance International, and Predictable Revenue.


– Visualizing and implementing revolutionary solutions.
– Enabling sales organizations to improve win rates by more consistently and effectively communicating value.
– Sourcing and closing enterprise sales for startup companies.
– Development and execution of lean go-to-market strategies.
– Building partnerships with technology and systems integrator partners.
– Ensuring customer success through clean implementations.
– Leveraging hidden data to generate actionable insights.


The Value Selling & Realization (VSR) Council is an organization made up of forward-thinking Sales and Corporate executives that operates with a central mission: Maximize value from investments in IT-enabled change by establishing and promoting value management awareness and understanding, standards, practices, and tools that enable technology vendors and enterprise corporate executives to collaborate in developing and executing a “roadmap to value”.

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