Executive Speak

Executive Speak

Are your sales reps prepared to speak confidently with executives?

Every sales professional wants to be considered a trusted advisor. To do so, a rep needs to understand the executive-level drivers. They must speak the language of business and demonstrate financial literacy.

A rep gets one shot to make a good impression with a decision maker. Make sure they show up with insightful questions to engage an executive in a value-added conversation.

The Executive Speak™ program builds business acumen and financial literacy, so reps have the confidence to sell to executives and managers.

71% of sales leaders say their reps lack the ability to connect their solution to business issues. SiriusDecisions

Empower your team with the tools and proven processes to gain access to executive decision-makers, create opportunities and generate more revenue.

Executive Speak is a blended learning program that increases sales productivity. Each eLearning module and classroom activity ensures your reps learn how to:

  • Easily interpret key business terms and financial reports
  • Minimize time wasted on unproductive research
  • Use an interactive tool to build insightful company and executive profiles quickly
  • Prepare for meetings with a customized ValuePrompter® to maximize every interaction
  • Learn ways to get past gatekeepers and gain access to the person in charge

Executive Speak gives your reps an effective way to investigate, predict and prepare for sales calls.

Turn Info into Insights

The unique 360° Profile Builder® guides you in collecting key pieces of data and generating insightful questions to manage the conversation. With a customized ValuePrompter®, reps are ready to engage in more effective sales calls.

Think Like an Executive

Predict potential business objectives and problems, then correlate how your products and services impact your prospect’s financial metrics.

Gain Access

Develop tailored communications campaigns that establish your credibility and demonstrate your knowledge and interest in your customer.

Sales reps that have more meetings get more results. More conversations lead to more opportunities.

Increase business acumen, sales rep confidence, and access to the corner office with Executive Speak from ValueSelling Associates.

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About the Value Academy

• The Value Academy is a training platform
• Uniquely empowering business and IT professionals
• Designed for value practitioners, salespersons, product marketers, and their leaders
• Academy courses are delivered by top instructors in their field.

Course Price: $3000 $2650

Option: New Skill Reinforcement,
90 Day Coaching of 20 hours (+ $3,000)

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Course Categories

Who should take this course?

Program Managers who want to guide teams to program success every step of the way.

Program Business Sponsors who want to understand key actions they and their teams should take to assure optimal value results.

Organizational Change Managers (OCM) who want to strengthen their impact by integrating Value Management into the heart of OCM activities.

Customer Success Managers who want to best prioritize their actions to maximize program success.

Consultants who desire assurance their actions, designs and guidance contributes directly to value enhancement.

Six Sigma Continuous Improvement Advisors who want to demonstrate value results.

Functional, technical design managers who seek understanding of actions they should take to assure solution design optimizes expected business value.

Why take this course?

  • Ensure you have the latest and greatest VM tools, templates and approaches from the best of the best.
  • Learn “tricks of the trade”, not just academics.
  • Get new thinking in the use of value in all phases of the program implementation cycle.
  • Enhance recognization from your professional community.

Course Instructors

Shimon Abouzaglo, Instructor
Shimon Abouzaglo, Instructor

Shimon Abouzaglo, Founder and CEO of The Value Council

Jack Keen, Instructor
Jack Keen, Instructor

Founder of The Value Council, Managing Director, The Value Academy

The Value Selling & Realization (VSR) Council is an organization made up of forward-thinking Sales and Corporate executives that operates with a central mission: Maximize value from investments in IT-enabled change by establishing and promoting value management awareness and understanding, standards, practices, and tools that enable technology vendors and enterprise corporate executives to collaborate in developing and executing a “roadmap to value”.

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