Melting Buy-in Resistance with Compelling Value Flow Maps

Melting Buy-in Resistance with Compelling Value Flow Maps

Course Recap

Stakeholders won’t buy until they’re clear about “What’s In It for me?” ValueFlow Maps are a simple, but powerful tool to help make this happen with highly diverse stakeholders. This course shows how to create and apply these globally proven, visually compelling consensus builders. No artistic skill required.

Course Description

Too often vital initiatives aren’t funded, or their implementations receive half-hearted stakeholder support. Because more business units and senior leaders are now involved in solution buying and delivery, rapidly uniting these diverse people around a shared value vision is a major challenge. To the rescue are “Value Flow Maps” – visual cause-and effect diagrams showing what value is created, for whom, and why. VFM’s have been proven worldwide to be one of the most effective, yet simple tools for hastening buying from those who matter. While simple in concept, creating high impact FMs requires careful techniques. This pragmatic, exercise-rich course shows how to do it, quickly and confidently.

What You’ll Learn

1. Why VFMs work so well in discovering and communicating value
2. Where and when do VFMs work best
3. How to design potent VFMs, using both tangible & emotional valuecomponents
4. How to use VFMs to strengthen proposals, business cases, portfoliomanagement, & user adoption
5. How to apply VFMs to boost marketing, product launch success, andcustomer satisfaction
6. How to maximize VFM usage adoption
7. How to create your own personal Value Flow Map

Course Structure

Four weekly, 90 minute, instructor-led live, interactive web sessions, plus between class discussion groups and exercises.

Course Topics

Session 1: VFM Role and Usage

• The primary objectives of VFMs

• Understanding VFM components and what makes them so effective

• VFMs examples for sales, marketing, & implementation opportunities

• Weekly exercise: Create a VFM for a defined scenario

Session 2: Selecting Optimal VFMs

• Discussion of exercise from previous week.

• Pros and cons of the major types of VFMs

• Identifying the highest impact VFM for your specific audiences

• Weekly exercise: Identify the type of VFM to use for six different sales and implementation challenges

Session 3: Creating your Own VFM

• Discussion of exercise from previous week

• Top 10 design characteristics of highly effective VFMs

• Shortcuts for rapid development of your VFM

• Weekly exercise: Create a VFM for usage in your work

Session 4: Gaining Team and Client Support for Using VFMs

• Discussion of individually created VFMs

• Best ways to introduce VFMs to your team and clients

Upon Completion, Attendees Will:
  • Enjoy faster access to, and increased attention from senior decision-makers
  • Lead sales and delivery teams in more effective value conversations
  • Experience faster, stronger buy-in to key initiatives
  • Enhance personal reputation for usage of innovative techniques
Course Attendees Will Receive:
  • Stimulating interaction with course instructor and attendees
  • Soft copy of key course materials, including checklists, presentations and examples
  • Examples of Value Flow Maps for multiplesituations
  • List of additional reference material
  • (Optional) Individual coaching for postcourse VFM work

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About the Value Academy

• The Value Academy is a training platform
• Uniquely empowering business and IT professionals
• Designed for value practitioners, salespersons, product marketers, and their leaders
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Who should take this course?

  • Business Value Consultants
  • Sales Teams & Sales Enablement
  • Product Marketing
  • Corporate Marketing
  • Business Unit Leaders/ProgramSponsors
  • Start-ups
  • Customer Success and AccountManagers
  • Change Management Leaders
  • Portfolio and Program Managers
  • Process Consultants
  • IT Leaders
  • Investors

Why take this course?

Ensure you have the latest and greatest tools, templates and approaches from the best of the best.

Learn “tricks of the trade”, not just academics.
Expect to get new thinking in the use of value in all phases of the sales cycle.

  • To better qualify
  • To build competitive differentiation earlier in sales cycles
  • To help the prospect get their project prioritized and funded
  • Better arm the prospect champion to use value to help sell internally

Ensure your place in an emerging professional community that leads to recognition, promotions and increased income.

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  • Course Price: $199.00

Course Instructors

Dinesh Kumar
Dinesh Kumar

Chief Technology Officer and Capability Architect, Mitovia

Shimon Abouzaglo, Instructor
Shimon Abouzaglo, Instructor

Shimon Abouzaglo, Founder and CEO of The Value Council

Jack Keen, Instructor
Jack Keen, Instructor

Founder of The Value Council, Managing Director, The Value Academy

The Value Selling & Realization (VSR) Council is an organization made up of forward-thinking Sales and Corporate executives that operates with a central mission: Maximize value from investments in IT-enabled change by establishing and promoting value management awareness and understanding, standards, practices, and tools that enable technology vendors and enterprise corporate executives to collaborate in developing and executing a “roadmap to value”.

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