New Value Insights: Achieving Program Value Success

New Value Insights: Achieving Program Value Success

A professional certification training course from The Value Council

Addresses a huge program management gap – how to be sure an investment’s value proposal becomes true.

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….a must have for organizations going through an IT-enabled business transformation.

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Course Recap (3-Days)
Are you a coin flip away from program success or disappointment?

Value Management (VM) is the powerful leadership discipline to help overcome the avoidable 50% value failure rate of technology-enabled investments. Too often, why and how to use Value Management has been shrouded in mystery. This unprecedented course shows why value leaks are a root cause of program shortfalls, and provides pragmatic solutions using VM world-class practices for methods, tools and techniques.

Because Value Management success is a team sport, this course provides pragmatic guidance to every program team, including business sponsors, PMs, OCMs, analysts, architects, BRMs, and consultants. Working together, our trainers can assure that this program is not just “on-time” and “on-budget”, but most importantly, “ON-VALUE”.

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Course Description

Technology-enabled investments are now too vital to fail. Yet over 50% still experience crushing value shortfalls.

Value Management — as an urgent leadership discipline — can help you avoid these dismal returns.

Surprisingly, Value Management is not fully appreciated, because value leaks are not well understood as a root cause of most program stumbles of any type.

Leveraging the accumulated experiences of The Value Council leaders worldwide, this course dives head first into (a) revealing the devastating impact of value leaks on program schedules, budgets and overall stakeholder satisfaction, then (b) explaining exactly which Value Management methods, tools and approaches can stop each leak, and (c) identifying which program team members should take what Value Management actions, and when.

Participants will be given auditing tools for assessing the Value Management effectiveness of their own organization.

What You’ll Learn
  1. Reasons why unrealized “value leaks” so often torpedo program success on multiple fronts.
  2. Why & how better Value Management-focus boosts program success.
  3. Why Value Management is a component of every key activity of every program team.
  4. How to sharpen your ability to access and influence CxO stakeholders whose actions can make or break program success.
  5. How to embed four powerful, straightforward Value Management tools into your program activities.
  6. How to motivate all program teams to support Value Management methods vital to success.
  7. Techniques for quickly assessing why and how Value Management can be strengthened in your environment.
Course Structure
Three day, in-person, instructor- led, public sessions, held at convenient sites. Uses The Value Council’s proprietary “Real World Role Plays™ to rapidly solidify learning. This Training Certification Course can also be customized for on-site delivery at a hosting firm.
Course Topics
  1. Value Management: The Missing Key to Program Value Success
    1. 20 common ways that preventable value leaks kill program success.
    2. Why Value Management works where other approaches fail.
    3. How to assess the health of your current Value Management actions.
    4. Highest impact Value Management actions for business sponsors, PMs, OCMs, architects, consultants, CSMs, and designers.
  2. Accessing & Influencing CxOs — the key stakeholders in value success
    1. Five ways CxO attitudes & actions directly impact program success.
    2. How to motivate CxOs to seek your interactions.
    3. Using expanded business acumen to enhance credibility and trust.
  3. Leveraging 4 key Value Management tools in the program life cycle
    1. Using Value Flow Maps™ to visually build value consensus.
    2. Adopting the “Value Decision Framework™ “ to best prioritize scope, requirements and roadmaps.
    3. Using a KPI-savvy Actionable Business Case™ to reveal hidden value.
    4. Using Value Flow Maps, the secret tool to boost value buy-in.
    5. Using the “KPI Benefits Tracker™ “ to ensure expected value is realized.
  4. Establishing Value Management as an essential program component
    1. Assessing the need for a stronger Value Management approach.
    2. Key VM roles of business sponsors PMs, OCMs, consultants, BRMs, analysts, architects & designers.
    3. Embedding VM activities into program milestones.
    4. Getting internal support for crucial Value Management activities.
Upon Completing This Course, Attendees:
  1. Can explain how Value Management helps overcome so many program problems.
  2. Can conduct a Value Management effectiveness audit for their own organization.
  3. Have expanded confidence for accessing and influencing CxOs.
  4. Can boost their personal reputation for expanding program success via value management techniques.
Course Attendees Will Receive:
  1. Soft copy of key course materials.
  2. 25 point Value Practices Audit to assess optimal areas for Value Management improvement.
  3. Value Flow Map Template.
  4. Value Decision Framework model in Excel.
  5. Stimulating interaction with course instructor and attendees.
  6. Free electronic copy of Jack Keen’s top-selling book “Making Technology Investments Successful: ROI Road Map from Business Case to Value Realization” (2nd edition).
  7. List of additional reference material.
  8. A complimentary 60 minute “ask the instructor” phone call, within 60 days of course completion.

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• The Value Academy is a training platform
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Course Categories

Who should take this course?

Program Managers who want to guide teams to program success every step of the way.

Program Business Sponsors who want to understand key actions they and their teams should take to assure optimal value results.

Organizational Change Managers (OCM) who want to strengthen their impact by integrating Value Management into the heart of OCM activities.

Customer Success Managers who want to best prioritize their actions to maximize program success.

Consultants who desire assurance their actions, designs and guidance contributes directly to value enhancement.

Six Sigma Continuous Improvement Advisors who want to demonstrate value results.

Functional, technical design managers who seek understanding of actions they should take to assure solution design optimizes expected business value.

Why take this course?

  • Ensure you have the latest and greatest VM tools, templates and approaches from the best of the best.
  • Learn “tricks of the trade”, not just academics.
  • Get new thinking in the use of value in all phases of the program implementation cycle.
  • Enhance recognization from your professional community.

Course Instructors

Shimon Abouzaglo, Instructor
Shimon Abouzaglo, Instructor

Shimon Abouzaglo, Founder and CEO of The Value Council

Jack Keen, Instructor
Jack Keen, Instructor

Founder of The Value Council, Managing Director, The Value Academy

The Value Selling & Realization (VSR) Council is an organization made up of forward-thinking Sales and Corporate executives that operates with a central mission: Maximize value from investments in IT-enabled change by establishing and promoting value management awareness and understanding, standards, practices, and tools that enable technology vendors and enterprise corporate executives to collaborate in developing and executing a “roadmap to value”.

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